Lyxx formed in May 2003 when guitarists Adam T and Andrew David decided to combine their love of 80’s metal with a desire to rock the NYC club scene. After several personnel changes, Lyxx’s lineup is rounded out by drummer Sean Canada, the return of bassist Russ Zweig, and the newest addition, Lead Vocalist Paul Schwartz .

Paul has been singing since grade school bringing his multi-octave range and boundless stage energy to many musical styles and audiences. His combination of rock, pop, and soul infused vocals support the band’s ability to have a diverse catalogue of songs. He has been in a number of original rock projects and spent 8 years as the Lead Vocalist for coverband, DECADES in Chicago before moving back to his home, NYC. He is currently the Lead Vocalist for cover bands, Coverblind (, and now Lyxx. Paul’s greatest musical achievement came in the early 90’s as an original member of the rockspel choir, The New Voices of Freedom. During that project, he performed with the rock band U2 live in Madison Square Garden and appeared on the film “Rattle & Hum” as part of the choir singing “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For”. Paul also recorded vocal parts for a cover version of “The Sweetest Thing” which appears on the Scrooged movie soundtrack. Paul’s primary musical influences are Bon Jovi, Queensryche, Journey, Hall & Oates, and most every 80’s hair band of the era. He enjoys performing live and is always ready to take the mic and sing a song for anyone willing to listen!!

A native New Yorker originally from Queens, Adam has been playing guitar and writing songs for nearly 20 years. Trained on piano as a child, Adam switched to electric guitar at the age of 16 -- at the height of the hair-metal era and there was no turning back. He is an avid singer/songwriter in his own right, with a deep catalogue of guitar-pop oriented material. This was showcased in several of Adams original bands, such as Deadline and Shredded, that toured the NYC club circuit in the late 90’s and early 00’s. Shredded recorded a six-song EP of original material at Studio 900 in Manhattan on December 2003, and Adam spent years playing venues such as Continental, Elbow Room, Don Hills and Orange Bear. Though metal will always be his most passionate interest, Adam is equally influenced by 70’s glam rockers New York Dolls, T. Rex, Mott the Hoople, David Bowie and Lou Reed, and his guitar style tips a hat to legends Ace Frehley, Johnny Thunders and Mick Ronson. Adam is a die-hard KISS fanatic for more than twenty-five years and is Lyxx's resident "KISStorian". He credits their music, image, attitude, and larger-than-life persona as the inspiration for picking up a guitar as a youngster and pursuing his rock n' roll dreams.
  Andrew has been shredding for 20 (gulp!) years, influenced by Guitar Gods Eddie Van Halen, Steve Vai, Yngwie Malmsteen, Nuno Bettancourt and Eric Johnson. Andrew’s major gigging and recording projects prior to Lyxx include Boston’s New England Rocks! and ShootShoot, as well as Washington DC’s Archer, whose 1992 release Enter New Light received significant mid-Atlantic attention. Andrew attended Berklee College of Music in Boston through 1990.

Sean Canada has been playing music since the late 80s, starting on piano but quickly ditching that for the rock n roll lifestyle of the guitar. He later added drums and bass to his arsenal and has spent his time floating from instrument to instrument in various bands around the New York area. Most notably, Sean is a founding member and guitarist of the original Street-Punk band Weekend Bowlers. Covering bass duties or Lyxx, Sean is ready to hold down the bottom on the greatest collection of Rock tunes ever assembled.

Russ Zweig makes his triumphant return to Lyxx after many years away. His bass playing and melodic harmonies truly round out the "Lyxx" sound that fans have come to know. Russ is a huge fan of old school metal and rock especially the Bon Scott AC/DC catalogue which he takes a turn on the microphone singing lead when the mood strikes.